Webmaster Resources

The duties of the District Webmaster include the following:

  • Keep the district web site content up-to-date with information needed by district scouters.
  • Work with the Marketing committee chair to use on-line media to create a high public visibility of the district and council. (Knowledge of Social Media Marketing is helpful.)
  • Maintain the district distribution lists.
  • Ensure that information posted on the website is correct and that members’ privacy is protected.
  • Work with the District Committee to promote events on the website calendar.
  • Work with the District Committee to keep the online records accurate.
  • Provide group email distribution.

The webmaster’s duties fall into two broad categories: communication within the scouting community, including promoting events among our members; and marketing  of scouting to families and potential supporters outside of scouting.  The tools available for the webmaster to use include the district webpages (a part of the council website), the district calendar,  the district email provider, and the district Facebook group, all for communication within the community; and a district Facebook page for marketing.  Don’t know the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook group?  https://www.facebook.com/help/155275634539412?helpref=uf_permalink

The council webmaster,  Amanda Botros, conducted a series of very helpful Webmaster Webinars, which she recorded and posted on the council’s YouTube channel:

If you really get serious about marketing, these links can help, although NCACBSA’s current web host software appears to prevent Search Engine Optimization: