Eagle Service Project Coaches

The Eagle Scout service project coach is the subject matter expert on the process and standards of the service project.  He is the key to success in the councils or district efforts to provide guidance as Scouts fulfill requirement 5, the Eagle Scout Service Project.  The role of the coach:

 A coach’s advice is a key to success.

  • Serves as an advisor, consultant, and coach
  • Is a resource, encouraging the candidate to fully plan his project, secure resources, and to make wise decisions
  • Uses positive adult association, logic, and common sense to help the candidate to reach a successful outcome

Guidance for the Eagle Scout project coach is found in Sections and 9.02.9 in the guide to advancement found at

http://www.scouting.org/advancement.aspx and the NCAC Eagle Scout Procedures Guide found at https://www.ncacbsa.org/advancement/eagle-scout-information/

For Scouts to list a project coach in the Eagle Scout Service Project (ESSP) Workbook the project coach must be approved as an Eagle Scout Service Project coach by the Western Shore District.

 To qualify as and Eagle Scout service project coach

  • Be registered with the Boy Scouts of America in any adult position.
  • Be current in BSA Youth Protection training.
  • Be knowledgeable about the Eagle Scout service project process.
  • Be willing to work with and coach Scout–age boys.
  • View “The Eagle Scout Service Project Coach” advancement educational presentation (scouting.org/advancement) either online or in an instructor-led presentation, as determined by your council   advancement committee.
  • Be approved as an Eagle Scout service project coach, by your district advancement committee.

 Eagle Scout service project coach must agree to:

  • Follow BSA policies and procedures as described in the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook and in section 9 of the Guide to Advancement.
  • Follow BSA Youth Protection policies at all times.
  • Use the BSA method of positive adult association, logic, and common sense to help the candidate make wise decisions.
  • Help Scouts develop their project plan by discussing strengths, weaknesses, and risks without dictating changes, withdrawing approval, or taking any other such directive action.

Western Shore District Process.

Those desiring to be an Eagle Scout service project coach:

  1. Complete Eagle Scout Service Project  Coach Application is found at
  2. http://www.scouting.org/advancement.aspx
  3.  Review Eagle Scout Service Project Coach Training is found at
  4. http://www.scouting.org/Home/BoyScouts/Resources/advancement_presentations.aspx
  5. Submit application with verification of youth protection training to the Troop/Crew District Eagle Representative (DER) found on the WSD website.  DER will review requirements, application with applicant, recommend through signature on the application and submit to the Advancement Committee Chair for approval.

Approved Eagle Scout Project Coaches

Troop            Coach                            email

303             Mark Howe                     mkemhowe@md.metrocast.net

303             Kimberly Howe               kimhowe303@md.metrocast.net

303            Thomas Labor                 tplabor@yahoo.com

303            Thomas Reider                reider@md.metrocast.net

303            Michael Kibler                  novasail@gmail.com

407             Paul Jenkins                   pauljenkinsfamily@comcast.net

561             Edward Balaton              ebalaton@md.metrocast.net

561             Steve Girard                   stevegirard369@gmail.com

777             Blake Jacobson            dnhjacobson@hotmail.com

1792           Kevin Davis                    hopperdavis@yahoo.com

2777           Robert Dunham             dunhamcornelious@gmail.com


Joe Essex
Advancement & Recognition Committee Chairman
Western Shore District, National Capital Area Council