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What is a WACKY  TIE ? A  WACKY  TIE is a tie you  received as a gift from your long lost great aunt Zilpha, twice removed on your mother’s side.  This one–of-a–kind tie has been at be at the bottom of your sock drawer for ten years waiting for that tieone  opportunity to be around your neck and shown off to the world.  Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow is that opportunity.  We want you to wear your WACKY  TIE when you join us for Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow on Saturday,  November 19, 2016.  And, of course, we will be wearing our  WACKY  TIE, too.

What is Pow Wow?    Pow Wow is a supplemental, action-packed training event for adult Cub Scout Leaders, Pack Committee Members, Charter Organization Representatives, parents of Cub Scouts and just Cub Scout-interested persons.  You’ll spend the day learning new ideas and concepts and having hands-on experiences that will enhance your ability to deliver and support a fun-filled, exciting program to Cub Scout boys.

When is Pow Wow?    Pow Wow is Saturday, November 19, 2016.  Doors open at 7:45 am with 8:00 am for walk-in registration (please, no early arrivals) and pre-registered package pick-up in the cafeteria.  Opening ceremony begins at 8:25 am. The first training session starts at 9:00 am.

Where is Pow Wow?    We’re gathering at Annandale High School, 4700 Medford Drive, Annandale, Virginia.  Here is a map.  Registration and check-in is in the cafeteria.

Who should attend Pow Wow?  All registered adult Cub Scout Leaders, potential leaders, and interested parents.  That would include: Cub Masters and their Assistants; Tiger Den Leaders and their Assistants and partners; Wolf, Beother-tiear, and Webelos Den Leaders and their Assistants;  Pack Committee members and
activity/event Chairpersons; and anyone who wants to learn more about how to have a better Cub Scout program.  Oh! And let’s not forget Charter Organization Representatives, they need to come too.

Training sessions are offered on relevant topics for every Cub Scout position and are designed to help you make your Cub Scout program more fun for the boys … and for you too!!!

tie-copyPow Wow is an all-day adult training event and the course sessions are intended for adults only.   Unfortunately, we do not have provisions or accommodations for children watching and their daycare.  The day is just for adults.  Thank you.

How much does Pow Wow cost?   Pre-register, on-line by November 16, 2016 and get the early bird registration fee of $35.00.  After midnight on November 17, 2016, we stop electronic registration and, then you will have to register as a ‘walk-in” at the event.  The cost for walk-in registration on the day of the event is $50.00.  Of course, we will take mail-in registrations as well, but it must be postmarked by November 13, 2016 to take advantage of the $35.00 early bird registration fee.

All courses have limited enrollment and many fill very quickly.  Courses that reach maximum enrollment will not be available when you electronically pre-registration or at walk-in registration.  So … register here, now!!  Remember on-line registration closes on midnight on November 16, 2016.

red-tieWhat’s included for the registration fee?  The Pre-registration fee includes a day of training (as many as six courses, an event patch, a Pow Wow CD with all sorts of nifty information on it, lunch with beverage and a cookie, and as much scout fellowship, spirit, and networking you can take-in during the day!!  We order lunch on November 18, 2016 so it is important that you pre-register.  With walk-ins on the day of the event, we may not have an extra lunch for you … so you may want to bring your own lunch or a snack, just in case.

 Den Chief Training … What’s That?  We offering Den Chief Training for Boy Scouts who want to help Cub Scout leaders with their den or pack programs.  Leaders who want to learn what a Den Chief can do are welcome to attend, too.   Boy Scouts registering for Den Chief training have the same registration fees and registration deadlines for early bird electronic registration  ($35.00) or walk-in registration ($50.00).  Den Chief Training is an all-morning training session and enrollment is limited…so register early.

Boy Scouts and attending adult leaders need to be in a complete and proper Boy Scout uniform, wearing a WACKY  TIE, bring the latest edition of the Den Chief Handbook, and have paper and a pencil or pen for note taking.  This training supplements the on-line Den Chief Training.

Lunch, beverage and a cookie are included with the Den Chief Training registration fee.  We want you to stay for lunch and join in on the lunchtime fun.  Class is over at 1:00pm.

What should I bring to Pow Wow?
  That’s easy … wear your Scout uniform wearing your WACKY  TIE. Bring a notepad, a pen, and a tote or book bag for the handouts and goodies.  Also, bring your Cub Scout Spirit and your BIGGEST smile.  There will be a Trading Post so extra pocket money will come in handy to make your Trading Post purred-tiechase.

What’s being offered at Pow Wow?   2016-powwow-course-description, while the Course Schedule is here.  Class sessions are limited in enrollment and fill quickly.  Enrollment is limited and are filled on a first-come basis.  Register early for the best course choices. We strongly encourage everyone to pre-register so that we can best serve you and enroll you in classes that interests you … and have a lunch for you, too

Confused as to what to take?  We have a Leader Quick Pics schedule.  These are courses we recommend based upon your raising or new Cub leadership position, if you just do not know what to take. You can select courses in your current Cub Scout leadership position or select courses for your position next year.   Quick Pics are here.

What do I need to do to pre-register for Pow Wow?  Download the course descriptions and course schedule, pick your courses and time sessions, and then make your course selections using our on-line registration system.   You will need to have a major credit card handy when you register.  You will receive an on-screen confirmation after making your on-line payment. Print a copy of the confirmation  as it is your receipt.

Remember, if a course is filled and closed, you will not be able to select it during the registration process even though it may appear on the electronic course description and schedule pages.

 Don’t have a credit card!  Mail your personal check for your registration fee and a copy of your course selections to:    

Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow 2016

9190 Rockville Pike

Rockville, Maryland 20814


Although we are taking mail-in registrations until November 13th, ALL MAIL-IN REGISTRATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY NOVEMBER 13, 2016 FOR YOUR COURSES TO BE RESERVED FOR YOU! Please, make sure the courses are available when registering by mail.

 Please make sure you print a copy of your receipt at the time you complete the on-line registration process.  This is your evidence that you have made payment.  Also, make sure you properly record the courses you enrolled for and their session times.

Some Helpful Hints about registration from the Pow Wow Chairman:

–   IMPORTANT: When making class selections make note of the time  duration of the course.  Multi-session courses may not end at the time another session begins.  For example, as BALOO is an all-day course, if you register for BALOO, you willfood-drive not be able to register for any other course session for the day.  Some courses are 50 minutes long, some are 1½ hours long, some are 2 hours long, some are all morning or all afternoon and one is all day.

–   Not all courses will allow the same number of participants.  Enrollment is determined by the size of the classroom.

–  You cannot change your class choices after you’ve completed registration.   Changes can be made only on the day of the event, but the course you want may not be available.  Take extra care when selecting the courses you want to take.

Here’s a hint:  To get the most from Pow Wow have all the members of your Pack select different courses and share handouts and class notes.

Don’t forget it’s ‘Bring a Can”.  What that all about? 

This year’s special Pow Wow community service project is help our local food banks feed the needy.  We ask that you bring one or more cans containing a food item (green beans, corn, peas, soups of all kinds, etc.) We will have bins there for your contribution.  We sure would like to see all of them overflowing!

What if I have question about Pow Wow?   Send an e-mail to

Bill Mayo at: