Bake Off Rules

Sully District Bake Off Rules Perpetual 2018 (PDF)





Scouts finishing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (for each bake-off category) in their Pack competition, qualify to compete at the District level bake off.  Arrow of Light Scouts who have already crossed over to Boy Scouts are still eligible for this event if they placed at the Pack level while still a Cub Scout.  (NOTE: If one of the placed scouts cannot participate in the District bake off, please choose another scout to compete.)  This is not a rank-level competition.

Scout/Adult Teams

Each team will be comprised of one Cub Scout and one adult partner.  An adult partner with multiple scouts may participate with each of their scouts.  Each Scout/Adult Team will pay an entry fee.


Cub Scout teams may enter in only one of the following categories:
Cakes, Cookies, Pies, Bread, Decorative/Creative


Trophies will be awarded to the top three entries selected by the Bake-Off Judges.  This is a District level competition; there will be no rank level awards.


  • Each Scout team may enter in only one category.
  • Each entry must be baked (or decorated for the Decorative/Creative category) entirely from scratch.
  • All teams will pre-register on-line.
  • On the day of the event, teams will bring their recipe, list of ingredients, and procedure (in format of their choosing, printed or hand-written), preferably all on one piece of paper or recipe card.
  • All teams will bring a 3X5 note card with following statement, “The Scout helped clean the kitchen after baking” and be signed by both team members (printed or hand-written).
  • Photographs will not be used. Entries must remain anonymous to the judges.
  • All entries, recipes and paperwork become the property of the Bake-Off Committee.
  • Entries in the Decorative/Creative category only, may be comprised of any material and therefore are not required to be completely edible and may contain elements not made from scratch. Scouting themes are encouraged in the Decorative/Creative category.
  • NO ALCOHOL may be used as an ingredient. Again, NO ALCOHOL!


It is the responsibility of the District Bake-Off Committee to interpret the rules and make any decisions necessary.  Judges will be comprised of leaders / parents of scouts.  Judging on the four edible categories will be based on:

  • Compliance with all Bake-Off rules (baked from scratch, participation of the Cub Scout and adult team member and completed recipe card)
  • Taste
  • Texture
  • Appearance (while “works of art” are impressive, they do not influence the taste)


Decisions of the District Bake-Off Committee are final.

All edible entries will be cut up and distributed as refreshments during the District Pinewood Derby Race.


Q: Does my entry have to have been baked in a conventional oven?
A: Yes.  All Bake-Off entries must have spent time in a conventional oven.  Stovetop or microwave recipes will not be permitted.  Exception: Entries in the Decorative/Creative category are judged by appearance only and therefore may be made in the oven, on the stovetop, in the microwave or over a campfire.

Q: What do you mean, “from scratch”?  Can we use chocolate chips, M&Ms, decorator sprinkles, etc?
A: “From scratch” means made from basic ingredients that you could not make on your own.  Examples of OK ingredients: M&Ms, chocolate chips, crushed graham crackers, marshmallows, decorative sprinkles.
NOT OK: Pre-made graham cracker crusts, pre-packaged frosting, refrigerated/frozen pie crust, pre-packaged mixes, refrigerated cookie dough, whole Oreo’s, pre-made pound cake from the bakery section of your local grocery store.  Exception: Entries in the Decorative/Creative category can be made of any material, including pre-packaged or non-edible ingredients.

Q: What category do brownies belong in?
A: Cookies.

Q: Does my Scout’s pie crust really have to be made from scratch?
A: Yes.  But don’t be afraid, give it a try.  Pies are usually the least entered category.

Q: Will refrigeration or a microwave be available at the judging site?
A: No.  Entries will be judged as quickly as possible.  Entries that cannot stand at room temperature are highly discouraged.  Pies that are custard/pudding based or topped with meringue will likely not hold up well without refrigeration.  In addition, re-heating of items will not be allowed at the judging site as no means of heating will be provided.

Q: What category does fudge belong in?
A: Fudge will be judged with the Decorative/Creative category as it is not typically baked and those items are judged solely based on appearance (not taste).