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Merit Badge Counselor Information

Greetings Merit Badge Counselors (MBC),

We’re grateful for interest in becoming a merit badge counselor (MBC). Eligibility to serve as a merit badge counselor is determined by completing the following requirements:
1) Complete BSA application. Use “42” as the position code. The MBC application is not yet accepted online.
2) Complete the “Merit Badge Counselor Information” form.
3) Complete YPT. Send a copy of the certificate to me. YPT may be found by signing into your account.

One-on-one training is available, but most MBCs prefer the flexibility of self-guided training. The BSA has released a new MBC training class available through the website. New MBCs may complete the self-guided training by doing the following:
1) Login to This is the same site where YPT is completed. From “My Dashboard” select “Menu”. Then click the “Training Center” tab and select the ” Scouts BSA” icon.
2) From the list select “Merit Badge Counselor Training.” The duration is about an hour and may be broken up into smaller time commitments.

Completing these requirements will grant “trained” status to an MBC and the database will be updated accordingly. Please see attached document for a graphical tutorial of training completion.

Thank you for your service to the troop,

Seneca Merit Badge Dean

Updated 10/07/2019