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About Seneca District

The Seneca District is committed to offering a quality Scouting program to all organizations and youth in Montgomery County, Maryland. We serve about 8,000 youth members and well over 2,000 adult volunteers. District contacts, meetings, and other information are available on the district website (where you are currently reading.)

A little history: Some years ago a single Scout district covered all of Montgomery County and was called Montgomery District. It was then divided into 3 districts, then 6 districts in 2002 (Cross Roads, Paint Branch, Rock Creek, Great Falls, Forest Oak, and Black Hill districts). In June 2008 the six districts were consolidated into Montgomery District. In 2012 the single district was divided back into 3 districts. SENECA DISTRICT is our name.

Seneca District service area covers the northern half of Montgomery county.

Seneca District District Committee Structure (PDF)
Seneca District Contacts
Seneca District Meetings

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last updated – 03/28/2019