BSA Incident Reporting with COVID-19 Update

Dear Unit Key Three Members:

Keeping our Scouts healthy during the ongoing pandemic includes reporting of potential exposure to COVID-19 at Scouting events. Prompt notification helps us reduce the spread of disease to other Scouts, and ensures families receive any assistance they require.

Please report any known or suspected exposures using the BSA Incident Reporting Form. As with all incidents, timely notification enables scene investigation, evidence collection, proper notification required under our insurance agreements, and media support. It also helps us ensure mandatory reporting requirements are met.

BSA Incident Reports must be submitted online within 24 hoursof the incident. Serious incidents, including exposure to communicable diseases such as COVID-19 and Youth Protection violations, should also be reported to Deputy Scout Executive Mario Perez ( as soon as possible.

To begin an incident report please go to this page:

In case of suspected COVID-19 exposure, incident reports need to be submitted as “General Liability” reports, not “Near Miss.” Please read these supplemental instructions:

You will be asked to provide as much as possible of the following information:

1. Date of Exposure

2. Location of Exposure

3. Length of Exposure

4. Was the employee wearing a mask?

5. Infected person’s date of symptoms

6. Infected person’s COVID-19 test date

7. Infected person’s COVID-19 test results

8. If required, Date quarantine began

9. List of participants – youth/adults


If you have further questions, please review the most recent incident reporting requirements(, or contact your District Executive.