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Klondike Derby Wrap-Up

February 05, 2020


I have two follow-up notes for you:
1. Polar Bear patches are still available for purchase from the Order of the Arrow (OA).  To buy them just send an email to  State how many you want and provide your contact info.  The patches are $5 each.  Reminder:  These patches are NOT specific to the Klondike Derby.  Many Troops stock up on these and give them out whenever they have a campout below 32 degrees.
2. The date of next year’s Klondike Derby has been finalized.  It will be held Friday January 29th through Sunday January 31st, 2021 at Little Bennett.  The Campground has already been reserved.  Please add this event now to your Troop/Crew calendar if you can do so this far in advance.  Otherwise hold onto this email for reference during your Unit’s annual planning meeting.
Finally, thank you for all of the feedback that you have provided.  Based on your comments we will be making some changes next year.  So far it’s LOTS of little changes–some that you may notice, and some that you will not (i.e., behind the scenes type stuff).  No MAJOR changes (e.g., we will not be changing it to a summer camporee with a “Hunger Games” fight-to-the-death theme).  Registration will open once again, as always on December 1st.  How that will function might be tweaked, but it will open on December 1st no matter what.
Thanks again for attending the Klondike Derby.  I’ll see you in 360 days from today!

Yours In Scouting,
Steve Salaj  |  Potomac District Klondike Derby Director