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College of Commissioner Science: March 14

February 05, 2020

My Fellow Commissioners,

The 2020 College of Commissioner Science website is now open for you to register.

As a member of your District’s Roundtable Team, you are encouraged to register to take classes in the College of Roundtable Science, which focuses on your role as a Roundtable Commissioner, Assistant Roundtable Commissioner, or Assistant District Commissioner for Roundtable.

The Bachelor’s Degree is for new members of the Roundtable Team, or those Scouters interested in understanding more about Roundtable.

The Master’s Degree is for those Commissioners or Scouters who are experienced members of the Roundtable Team looking to improve their understanding and performance.

If you are not sure which degree is best for you, please reach out to me and I will help you select the best program for you.

The link to register is:

Yours in Scouting & Commissioner Service,
George Costigan
Cell: 703-927-2215