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Fall Cuboree help needed!

November 06, 2019

This past weekend the District Committee held the annual Fall Cuboree on the grounds of Boyds Presbyterian Church. The event was a success thanks to some very special people who made it happen literally at the last minute. We are looking for an Event Chair for next year. This can be an individual, a Troop or a Crew, that will take on planning, reserving items, finding the right people, many of which are mentioned below, and running the Cuboree next year. Reach out to Liz Brandenburg if you are interested!

Here are some of Liz Brandenburg’s, Seneca District Activity Chair, words about this past Saturday.

  1. The field was mowed by some special neighbors earlier in the day so we didn’t have to cancel archery due to lost arrows.  Yay!  Jim Hardter took a couple of Friends of Scouting hats over to them thanked them again.
  2. The archery team of Deb Franklin, Suzanne Colby, and Brendan Shott makes it all look so easy.  But of course, it takes a while to measure it all out and set it up just so.  We are so fortunate to be able to offer archery for the Cuboree and to have you three.  Thank you for your commitment to the safe practices of handling bows and arrows that you teach.  It is impressive.  And the families love it.
  3. The BB range almost didn’t happen.  Thanks, however, to Michelle Manning who came to us from Potomac District, we were saved.  She set it up and ran it alone.  (I wish there had been a helper with her…we did try.)  Thank you Michelle!!!
  4. Michelle also gave us directions to set up the sling shot range.  Our DEs Ethan Schepp and Michael Werling took over for Pam and Kurt so they could take care of other jobs.  Ben Litten arrived a little later to help out at this range with the DEs.
  5. At the last minute, Gordon was able to put together a food booth for people. That was very helpful.  Thanks, Gordon.
  6. Climbing wall – It is always a big hit.  Thank you to Howard & Susan Lichtman and Daniel DeLacy for your watchful eyes and careful attention to the climbers and for always running this station.  It is tiring work and you do it so well.
  7. Shane Barney’s rocket launch system is a great piece of engineering.  It really is fun to see all the rockets go up at once.  We are lucky to have him on our Cuboree team as well as other support he gives to the Seneca District.  We hope he will continue on with us next year.  Dates will be forthcoming.
  8. The rocket building station is a key piece of being able to get the rockets into the air.  Thanks goes out to Bob Ekman and his Post 1010, and to Tosh Keune for helping the kids build their rockets. I hope you get the glue out of your fingers soon.
  9. Much of the large equipment and stands have to be organized and stored. Thanks to Maggie Smith and Steve Sordo for making the arrangements for us to be able to get all we needed to run the archery,  BB, and sling shot ranges. Thanks to Jim Hardter for hauling the large archery stands and rounds.  And of course, Pam Pagnotta for fetching everything else.
  10. My trusty buddy Cathy Phan has been by my side manning the check-in and registration table with me for years. She keeps me focused, organized, and on task.  She also does a great job of talking to the kids and families about their units.  Always with a cheerful smile.
  11. Thanks also to my hubby Kurt Brandenburg who helped with various tasks and setting up the sling shot stands.  He helped at the check-in table handing out the rockets and giving directions to the families for where all the stations were located in the various fields.
  12. Hopefully Rick Manteuffel got some good photos of the day.  I look forward to seeing them.
  13. Pam!  Pam Pagnotta gets the greatest accolades for the day.  She was the energizer bunny.  She drove her Jeep to Camp Snyder Friday to get the BB guns and to pick up the climbing wall.  Saturday morning she arrived early to move the climbing wall to its position so Howard and Daniel could set it up and get it ready for inspection.  Then she used her Jeep to bring her mobile home on site to allow us to have a bathroom facility.  She then borrowed her son’s truck so she could go to the Madison Fields in Dickerson to meet Steve Sordo where she loaded all the heavy sling shot stands and the various sling shot and BB equipment needed to run those ranges.  At the end of the day, all those directions had to be reversed.  That’s a lot of driving and a lot of responsibility to undertake with much of it on her own.  She deserves more than a thank you. We could not have had this event without her.  Everyone should send a special note of thanks to her privately.  ((Hugs to you Pam.))
  14. I sure hope I didn’t miss anyone.  Thanks, Team!

Activities Chair