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Cub Scout Membership

November 06, 2019

Dear Pack Membership Chairs,
Thank you for all you do for your Pack and Scouting!
I know that each of you are faced with a full month of Pack activities, family commitments for the Thanksgiving holiday, and pressure to begin the Pack recharter process. In the midst of all that, Packs continue to grow as Scouts invite their friends and parents respond late to the JSN contacts you have been made. Below are a few items to keep in mind as we close out the calendar year.
1) Pending Paper Applications
If your Pack has any paper applications that still have not been submitted, please get those in as soon as possible. We are expecting about 30 additional applications beyond what has come in to date. As noted in #2 below, we encourage all outstanding apps to be submitted before beginning the recharter process.
2) Pre-Recharter- Performing a Membership Inventory 
Packs are highly encouraged to submit all apps before recharter as it allows the youth to fully participate in Scouting and advancement today as opposed to starting next year. Doing so before starting the recharter process pre-populates your recharter roster leading to less manual entry and less likelihood of defectives. So, what steps should be taken?
  1. Confirm that all the Scouts in your Pack for whom you have submitted an application (paper or online) is on your Pack roster.
  2. Look around at Pack / Den meetings. If there is a youth who wants to or is already participating but isn’t registered, sign them up! 
    1. Having all youth participants registered is good for the youth, the family, the Pack, and for Scouting. All youth deserve equal opportunity to join Cub Scouts and be recognized for their achievements; registered participants of official Scouting activities are covered with supplemental insurance in the case of accident or sickness; the Pack grows allowing for more friendship and ties among Scouts while the Pack receives dues to cover expenses for more fun activities; and a better program can be delivered when all participating youth are known to Scouting.
  3. (Re)Submit an Application: If any youth are missing from the roster, it may be because a prior submitted app failed to process or one was never submitted.

    1. Ensure that your Scout has an app submitted either paper or online. Online App utilization exploded this fall with about 1/2 of Seneca Packs switching over. No lost apps, nothing misplaced by Council, quick(er) and much easier. I recommended it if your Pack is willing.

3) My.Scouting Invitation Manager

Our Packs drove a lot of interest this Fall during JSN. There are 60+ open invitations in the My.Scouting Invitation Manager. Packs have done a great job being quick to forward online applications or information to these interested Scout families. Great Job!
As a next step, we want to request that Packs take the time to identify if interested families and youth are known to anyone in the unit. Sending a personal invitation or coming together to a first activity can make it so much easier to introduce a new family to your Pack.

​4) Recruiter Strip

Always encourage more growth. Your Scouts never stop making friends and they will love having their friends join them in Scouting. Now that your Scouts have had a few weeks in the classroom and made new friends, ask them to invite their friends to your next Pack Meeting or other fun activity. Scouts not only get to play more with their friends, but they also earn the Recruiter Patch to wear on their uniform! It sounds like an all around WIN for me.  Have the Cubmaster or Den Leader end meetings asking the Scouts to invite a friend to the next activities.
Daniel DeLacy
Seneca Membership