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Council’s Insurance Fee

November 06, 2019

The council’s Executive Officers have approved reducing the Council’s insurance fee from $6 per youth and adult member to $2. This is a response to the newly announced annual membership fee, which includes part of the insurance we previously collected.
The following message has been sent to all Unit Key 3s; please help spread the word and ensure we reach all of them.
Dear Leaders,
National Capital Area Council’s executive officers have approved reduction of the Council’s insurance fee from $6 to $2 per youth or adult member.
Previously, NCAC has charged an insurance recovery fee of $6 per member at unit recharter time. This covered general liablity insurance from the Boy Scouts of America’s national organization, as well as accident and sickeness insurance at local events and unit meetings. Following BSA’s announcement that the updated membership fee includes liability insurance, our local council is decreasing our insurance fee effective immediately. The remaining $2 will be collected during rechartering and will cover local sickness and accident insurance, as well as insurance fees. Additionally, Council leadership continues to review other steps that can be taken to ensure finances are not a barrier to participation in Scouting.
Thank you for your continued dedication to our Scouts!