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Scouting For Food: November 2 and 9

October 09, 2019

We will be kicking off the 32nd annual Scouting for Food Drive during the first week of November. Scouts will post reminder flyers to homes throughout the DC metro area, then return to collect non-perishable food items that will nourish the area’s hungry. Scouting for Food is one of the largest annual food drives in the metropolitan area. Last year Scouts in the our district collected over twenty thousand pounds of food, and this year we will try to exceed that number as we have done in years past.  Scouts of all ages will be distributing reminder flyers to homes on Saturday, November 2nd , and will return to pick up the food on the morning of Saturday, November 9th .
Last year’s collection was solid but less than we had hoped for, and hopefully a few factors like the election were at least partially responsible. Please encourage your units to do more than just “stick and run” – add a unit or Scout note, knock on doors, set up outside a market, put out a box at your church, be creative.  One thing that can be particularly helpful would be to post information to your local community bulletin boards, Facebook Groups, TownSquare electronic groups etc.  Your help in these areas can be immeasurable in making our drive a success.
Once again, this year we will be using the “Post-It” note stickers.  We will not have any bags for distribution.  Stickers may be picked up at the October Round Table on Thursday, October 10 at the LDS Church in Montgomery Village.  This is the same place where recharter packages will be picked up on the same day.
Thanks for all you do for Scouting for Food, one of the best all-round community service projects we sponsor. It’s needed by the many people who do not have enough to eat and a great opportunity for Scouts to learn the value of service