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Recharter Information

October 09, 2019

Rechartering is the annual roster audit, clean-up and when we pay BSA fees & Boys Life for the coming CALENDAR YEAR.

Changes coming:

First, the national registration fee is being raised from $33.  At this time, we am not aware of what the new registration fee will be. That decision is said to be announced by Oct. 23rd.  For units expiring on 31 December, the Internet Re-chartering window will open, and the renewal processor can go all the way to Stage 5 Summary.  They will see a message to stop and return to Internet Re-chartering on 1 November.  When they log back in as a Returning User their data will be as the left it and fees will be loaded.  Then they can complete the process.
Second, National Capital Area Council has decided due to this increase of national registration fees to forgo the previously suggested increase to the Insurance Recovery; this will remain at $6.
Third, BSA is going to start performing periodic rechecks of criminal backgrounds to support the continued safety of youth in our programs. In order to conduct these checks, a new “Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization” form has been announced as part of the 2019 Charter renewal process.  All registered leaders will need to submit a new Background Check Disclosure as part of the unit and non-unit charter renewal processes this fall.  Copies of that form will be linked to our NCAC website and to the email with charter renewal instructions and access codes being sent from MDSS. Additional information will be distributed in the coming weeks.
Lastly, In 2018 National Capital Area Council started the plan to move all our supported programs to a 12-month charter renewal cycle expiring on December 31st.  THIS YEAR, Seneca District will change to Dec. 31 (2020) charter expiration.
Here is what you can expect for your charter renewal cycle:
  1. Your window to start the charter renewal process will remain unchanged.  It will open in November and close on Jan. 31st.
  2. Your payment will be for 11 months rather than 12.  The online payment system is set up to only calculate 12 months at a time.
    You will need to make the manual adjustment before submitting your final charter.
  3. It is not recommended that units from Seneca district pay online.  That system will charge the full 12 months.
  4. Use the fillable Envelope Cover Sheet for your fee calculations.
    Be sure to use “former January” version.


  • Compare what you think your roster is vs. BSA’s version in My.Scouting Member Manager.
  • Rechartering Training is online,
    or will be held at Oct. 10 Roundtables.
by Dec. 31:
  • Submit complete Charter Renewal Application & fees to your Unit Commissioner
  • Use fillable Envelope Cover Sheet – Be sure to use “former January” form.
    Computer won’t calculate your fees correctly this year for Seneca District.
  • Submit JTE and Annual Charter Agreement
Your Unit Commissioner
District Commissioner, Gordon Henley