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Nuclear Science Merit Badge: Oct 12

August 28, 2019

In celebration of Nuclear Science week, the Health Physics Society (a professional society of specialists in radiation protection) will hold a nuclear science merit badge program on October 12 at the University of Maryland Radiation Facilities.  (Sadly, the Savannah was unavailable this year, but the UMD Radiation Facilities offers many exciting activities for the scouts!).  Scouts and students will complete activities in pursuit of the nuclear science merit badge, peek inside a TRIGA reactor and see the characteristic blue glow of the reactor core, whirl with excitement at a cyclotron, virtual reality tour of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, donut breakfast, pizza lunch, and more! We also hope to make arrangements for the Scouts to “get blown away in a wind tunnel” (fingers crossed). Space is limited to 100 people.

Details on website. Pre-registration required.
This event is quite popular and sold out within 10 days last year.
Hope to see you there!
Matt Mille, Ph.D.
Past President, Baltimore-Washington Chapter of the Health Physics Society