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New Scoutbook Features for Den Leaders

August 28, 2019

From the first knot tied, the Scouting experience is a journey unlike any other. Scoutbook helps maximize every moment—tracking advancement, milestone achievements, and fun along the way.

New Scoutbook features will make it easier to prepare for den meetings and ensure consistent program delivery. Scoutbook is streamlining content and advancement processes for den leaders, so they can focus on making Scouting come to life for Cub Scouts. Visit to check it out.

Scoutbook for Den Leaders
What: New Scoutbook features for Cub Scouting.
Why: To simplify and streamline the meeting planning process and ensure consistent program delivery so you can make the most of your unit’s time.
How: Den leaders will be able to access everything they need for den meetings from within Scoutbook taking the hard work of planning out of the equation. A pre-arranged set of den meetings are now available for all ranks so all a den leader has to do is set up the time and location of the den meeting and Scoutbook will provide the plan. Building on great advice from guides, handbooks and experienced leaders, the pre-developed set of meetings ensures that the den completes the requirements to earn their badge of rank. Parents can then see their Scout’s progress through the Scouting app.
Who: Cub Scout den leaders who want to spend time delivering the program and not trying to figure out what to do for each meeting. Pack leaders will still use the existing Scoutbook experience for the administrative part of their job.
When: The new features are available now, just in time for fall. Future revisions will include meeting plans for elective adventures and the ability to build your own den meeting plans.

Details & FAQ
Get the details on this exciting new tool and answers to frequently asked questions here. You’ll find more information on topics such as:
• How packs can start using the new Scoutbook features
• How to get Scoutbook credentials
• Resources for den leaders (including a new video series)
• Tracking Cub Scouts’ progress
• Managing Scoutbook features for your den
• And MUCH more…
The Scoutbook team is already hard at work on the next wave of improvements to this release, meaning Scoutbook will just keep getting better and better— but we need your help! A feedback mechanism is available within the den leader experience and we welcome constructive feedback and great ideas from folks who share our passion for continuous improvement.