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Parent Participation: A More Courteous Method for Including Parents

July 03, 2019

Some Scouters may be familiar with the Family Talent Survey that is usually provided at their Pack’s Join Scouting Night. It in effect states ‘Welcome to our Cub Scout Pack…which of the myriad of activities are you capable of leading while all of the other parents sit in the back?’ Not too effective, right?

You know the challenges: Perhaps greatest is that no parent, in their right mind, will jump at the chance to commit unlimited time to the unit. Second, what new parent on their first Kindergartner is confidently ‘talented’ at taking a whole den of wild kids out into the wild? No way!

The 100 Point Adult Participation Form for Packs (and Troops) is a totally different approach to the Talent Survey. Instead of asking parents to claim talent for a undefined activity for an infinite amount of time (scary), Packs can define the task and effort for each Pack activity or position. Each parent is then asked to commit to a determinable amount of time and effort that they can select among so long the chart equals 100 Points.

Forms including the 100 Point Adult Participation Form for Packs (and Troops) are available as part of the JSN Toolkit under Resources: Parent Orientation Mtg.!AuJ4AJ1TFHY1ip1onpEKZUX7fN_FlQ

YIS, Daniel DeLacy
Unit Commissioner
Membership Chair, Seneca