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Goshen Merit Badges

July 03, 2019

Goshen is changing the way they document merit badges earned at summer camp this year.  In previous years, blue cards were given to unit leaders at the end of the week.  This year at the end of camp, the unit will receive a Black Pug printout, essentially an Excel spreadsheet, with records of what their Scouts accomplished and electronically signed by the Camp Director.  The unit can then use this to enter data into Scoutbook or any third-party software they use.  

I know some units have pushed back on this change and prefer the use of blue cards.  If a unit prefers blue cards at the end of the week, have them take a sufficient number of cards to camp and Goshen will honor their request to have completed blue cards along with the Black Pub printout.  Blue cards may not be available in the trading post this year.