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Virginia Tick Study

June 05, 2019

Scouters of NCAC, Virginia Districts;

While I know we are in Maryland – I’m sure that some units and/or individuals hike in Virginia.

The Virginia Department of Health is performing a study of ticks in Virginia. If you are bitten by a tick, or you pick off a tick, in Virginia, this study would like to get information about it. If you participate, you are asked to fill in an online survey, which will give you a submission identifier, and then mail in the tick to the address on the web page.
This is an example of Citizen science. The web page FAQ states:
Citizen science involves the public in scientific research. VDH is interested to better understand tick ecology throughout the Commonwealth. Our small entomology team frequently travels to collect ticks by dragging methods. However, we look to expand our knowledge as to which species bite humans; critical information to understand disease risk. We look forward to your involvement and appreciate your participation in these efforts.