Updated Merit Badge Requirements

The following Merit Badges have a new version due to updated requirements. Scouts that have started the previous version of these Merit Badges may continue working on that version. Scouts who are just starting on these Merit Badges must use the 2019 version. Scoutbook will likely be the first recipient of these changes and we are sure the BSA websites, volunteer websites (e.g., USScouts.Org, MeritBadge.org), and third party software will follow. The 2019 Requirements book is not in the Scout Store yet, but we will let you know when it arrives. Note three of these merit badges are Eagle required merit badges.

  • Bird Study MB Requirements (2019)
  • Archery MB Requirements (2019)
  • American Business MB Requirements (2019)
  • Family Life MB Requirements (2019)
  • First Aid MB Requirements (2019)
  • Personal Management MB Requirements (2019)
  • Fly Fishing MB Requirements (2019)
  • Geocaching MB Requirements (2019)
  • Motorboating MB Requirements (2019)
  • Railroading MB Requirements (2019)
  • Rifle Shooting MB Requirements (2019)
  • Soil and Water Conservation MB Requirements (2019)