Geotargeted Facebook Ad to Promote Scouting

National is running a geotargeted ad buy to promote Scouts BSA similar to the one they did in fall for Cub Scout JSNs. In brief:

  • Ads would start running two weeks before the event
  • They would be geotargeted around the meeting location
  • Anyone in that area who meets the demographic profile would be encouraged to RSVP
  • Window starts Feb. 11, ends Feb. 28

In the fall JSN program, packs with geotargeted ads had a 15% better recruiting season, so we expect this Scouts BSA program to help jumpstart the program’s launch.

We are looking for 20 troops to participate in this program! If your troop would like to be part of it, please send me:

  • Is your pin posted on BeAScout (If not we will activate it)
  • Troop number (requested)
  • Chartered org
  • Meeting location, including room (if known)
  • Meeting date, start time, end time
  • Troop website or Facebook page (if any)
  • Contact person
  • Contact email
  • Contact phone

We need the full list of participants by Wednesday, Jan. 23, so if you would like to participate please let me know by then.

Thank you,