John Christian’s Status

After hearing about his horrible accident, I went by to visit John and his wife on Christmas Eve-Eve to drop off a pot of my wife’s chili and check in on him. John was my son Jimmy’s Tiger Cub leader, so we go back more than 25 years!! I’ve got great news to share and he gave me his blessing to mention it to the District Scouters.

It was astonishing to see how well his recovery has progressed! Given the seriousness of his injuries, it is truly miraculous! Both he and Jeanne expressed thanks for all the prayers and good wishes that were expressed by so many people. His doctors are utterly amazed by his progress! After two major surgeries and “multiple procedures”, he is able to get around in a walker and has no trace of paralysis. He looks well (although he’s lost weight) and there is no visible evidence of the damage to his face, eyebrows, etc. He was able to engage in lively conversation and welcomed my company.  We chatted for a while and I took my leave. He is facing months of rehab and it’s not likely that he will be getting back in the saddle with the District any time soon.

Thanks, and have a Happy New Year!
Jim Orban