Scouting for Food Recap

We had a successful Scouting For Food Drive this year.  We are still waiting final totals from a couple of food banks.  Although our totals seem a little low this year, everyone’s help allows us to feed hungry families.

Now it is time to start reporting our results to our Council.  Here are the total number of bags we have reported so far:
P436   60 bags
T291   345 bags
P468   55 bags
T1760  17 bags
P64      48 bags
P1761  326 bags
P291   15 bags
P221   87 bags
P436  142 bags
GS T1680  6 bags
Each bag weighs about 7 pounds this year.
You can self-report your collections at: and click on the “Report SFF Collection” button in the middle of the page.  Alternatively, you can send me an email and I will report the total for you.
MOST IMPORTANTLY:  If you DID NOT drop food at Quince Orchard or Germantown collection locations, PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR TOTAL!
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks for all that you do.
–Phil Dennis (Seneca District Scouting For Food Chairman)