Scouting for Food Kick-off

It’s time for the Scouting for Food kick-off for 2018! November 3 is the Note distribution date; November 10 is the collection date.

Collection will occur at Quince Orchard High School and Germantown Safeway.  We were trying to find an alternate location in the Milestone area but could not find anything for this year.  For this reason, we are just going with the same locations as last year.

This year we will not be distributing bags, but 4″x6″ Post-It Notes. These Our district has been allocated 36,000 Post It Notes. The Post It Notes were distributed at Round Table last Thursday.  We have LOTS LEFT OVER.  Please contact me if you need some or want more (

Notes vs. bags. We realize that not having bags is a challenge in Montgomery County as most of us have re-usable bags at home.  We should be prepared to collect food with your own bags and boxes as you go door-to-door and then to the collection points. Councils using Notes do not seem to suffer lower collections.

Thanks for all that you do.

–Phil Dennis (Seneca District Scouting For Food Chairman)