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Council-wide Interfaith Prayer Brunch: November 4

October 10, 2018

I am sure you know that we are planning our first Council-wide Interfaith Prayer Brunch at Camp Snyder, Noon to 2 pm  on Sunday November 4th. Registration is now open and folks can register at:

The Brunch will be a great opportunity for all Faiths in Scouting to demonstrate 3 components of our Faiths: Education, Celebration, and Service to Others. There will be a featured “Midway” where faith-based chartered organizations are invited to put out literature and displays about how Scouting works with their faith, a  Q&A panel with representatives of 5 Faiths, and presentations of youth and adult religious awards.
We are also using this event to rejuvenate our Religious Interfaith Committee and reestablish periodic Council-wide “Duty to God” events.
Executive Board Member Forrest Horton is our volunteer brunch/program coordinator (703-919-4636) and I am our Staff Point of Contact (Aaron Chusid). Call us anytime with questions or recommendations.