InterAct Story Theatre

This fall, InterAct Story Theatre will begin our fall season by returning to the Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center this September, and we would like to continue to offer a discount to packs and troops!  There is a small admission fee and this show is best for ages 4 and up, so packs may be the most interested, but since we are a professional theatre company, older scouts may want to come to see the show to observe the theatre from a production perspective.

Our show is called Voytto Tech: a scifi fable. Its an interstellar play for kids and families about bullying, conflict, and doing the right thing when the universe goes wrong. Please take a look for the details on the show dates and times and our discount code. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Thanks so much!
Steven Wolf

Design and Publications Manager

InterAct Story Theatre
11510 Georgia Avenue, Ste 140
Wheaton, MD 20902

Phone: 301-467-6133