National Youth Leadership Training: July 1-7 or September 16-22

NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) is the National Capital Area Council’s presentation of the National Youth Leadership Training. The objective of our NYLT program is to equip our young people with leadership skills to help them succeed in their scouting program and in life. NYLT brings together scouts from all over the Council to learn and practice the leadership techniques in a risk free, scout friendly environment. The Scouts learn and practice leadership skills and styles together.
The course is presented primarily using a Boy Scout model as the vehicle which allows all attendees to see how leadership skills fit into the scouting program. These leadership skills are applicable to all scouting programs.
While it remains the responsibility of the unit leaders to train the youth leaders, this course is designed to supplement the adult leaders’ role in the training process. NYLT skills build on the fundamental leadership skills presented in the unit basic leadership training in their home unit.