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Final Call for SOUSA Nominations:

April 25, 2018

Please submit your Awardees for the Seneca District Outstanding Unit Scouter Award – “SOUSA” on the attached form.
The Seneca District Outstanding Unit Scouter Award – “SOUSA” is a unit level award that gives recognition to registered adult Scouters for their significant contributions to their respective units during the 2017 calendar year. It is a district award presented on behalf of units in the same way that the District Award of Merit is a council award presented by the district, and the Silver Beaver Award is a national award presented by the council.
Who is Eligible?
·       Scouters (adult leaders) registered at the unit level in troops, packs, ships, venture, or varsity units.
·       Units are limited to two recipients per year for this award.   PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF BOTH AWARDS ! ! !
Who is Not Eligible?
·       Recipients of this award or equivalent the past TWO (2) years. Equivalent awards include the Bowline, Spark Plug, or Pinnacle Awards, or other former district unit Scouter award.
How are Recipients Selected and Who Selects Them?
·       Recipients are selected and designated by their units based on their significant contributions to the unit within the calendar year 01 Jan  2017 through 31 Dec  2017. The definition of “significant” is entirely at the discretion of the unit leader or unit committee chair submitting the nomination.
·       The Seneca District Adult Recognition Committee accepts, without review, nominations that comply with the eligibility criteria above.
How do Units Submit Nominees?
·       Units (usually the unit leader or committee chairman) submit the names of their nominees by email.
·       Send to Tom Kennedy ( by 28 February 2018. Please put [SOUSA] in the subject line of your e-mail so we don’t miss it!  Please don’t wait till the last minute‼
·       Please include—
– Detailed and specific “Statement of Outstanding Service” (a paragraph of 3-5 Sentences (50 to 100 words) describing the awardee’s contribution that the award is based upon. (Paragraphs will be posted on the Seneca District website recognizing Outstanding Unit Scouter Award recipients and read verbatim at the Seneca District Adult Court of Honor & Dinner, scheduled for 22 May 2018 at a location to be determined.  .
– Contact information for both the nominator AND the nominee (name, position, unit, email and phone number).
·       The form for 2018 SOUSA Awardees is attached for your use.
When are the awards presented?
·       The SOUSA certificate is presented to the recipients at the annual Seneca District Adult Court of Honor & Dinner, scheduled for 22 May 2018 at a location to be determined.  Please remember the 14th point of the Scout Law,  “A Scout is Flexible”
Does Seneca District Contact and Invite the Awardees?
·       No.  Upon confirmation that your submission has been received (usually within a few days of our receipt) you should inform the awardee and ensure that he or she—along with members of your unit—plan to attend the Seneca District Adult Court of Honor & Dinner, scheduled for 22 May 2018 at a location to be determined.   Cost for the Seneca District Adult Court of Honor & Dinner  will be kept to a minimum.  It is strongly suggested that awarding units pay for the cost for the awardees to attend this wonderful event.
Please remember to take advantage of TWO awards per unit.   If you have already replied,  thank you.
Please direct inquiries to Tom Kennedy at (  or 301- 461- 4101.
Yours in Scouting and
   Best Regards,
Thomas C. Kennedy