Boy Scout Roundtable: April 12

We will be discussing the new Youth Protection Training at a joint session to start Round Table this month.  Discussion on how to conduct Scout Troop planning without losing the battle for for space on crowded family calendars.
BSA National has release a new youth protection program for ALL adult leaders.  This month in our joint session we will be discussing the ramifications to both Cub Scout and Boy Scout Leaders.  Information on on-line training as well as group training opportunities will be discussed.
Annual Troop planning always provides challenges to units.  This session will focus on how to break down your annual planning to allow for more youth participation while avoiding the pitfalls of dealing with family calendars.
As usual, the monthly To-Do list will be provided to Boy Scout Leaders and we will also talk about the upcoming Program Launch in May.
Thanks for all that you do,
–Phil Dennis (Seneca District Boy Scout Round Table Commissioner)