Scouting For Food:

Our current total food collection is 27,278 pounds.  That’s almost 14 TONS of food!  Thanks to all who participated.  There are still a few units that distributed bags, but did not drop off at our Germantown or Quince Orchard drop points.  If you collected food, but did not drop at the above locations and have not done so already, please contact and let me know how much food you collected.  We’re very close to our goal of 30,000 pounds!
If your unit is not on the list below and should be, please contact me at the above email address.
The following units participated in Scouting For Food this year:
Pack 64, Pack 76, Pack 210, Pack 221, Pack 291, Pack 436, Pack 464, Pack 468, Pack 618, Pack 694, Pack 1084, Pack 1199, Pack 1220, Pack 1280, Pack 1304, Pack 1307, Pack 1315. Pack 1429, Pack 1440, Pack 1761
Troop 207, Troop 291, Troop 496, Troop 738, Troop 1094, Troop 1397, Troop 1760, Troop 1988
Crew 2828
–Phil Dennis (Seneca District Scouting For Food Chairman)