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NCAC Eagle Scout Procedures Guide (ESPG)

November 08, 2017

 A huge thanks to Matt Burns and his team for completing the update to NCAC Eagle Scout Procedures Guide!
Please make sure you get this to all of your units who have Scouts working towards Eagle – it contains important information for them, their parents, unit leaders, and district volunteers.
Here is a quick summary of the major changes:
·         Addition of a “Trail to Eagle” checklist for Life Scouts
·         Addition of quick tip tables at the beginning of each section for Scouts, parents/guardians, unit leaders, and District Eagle Representatives (DERs)
·         Addition of a new section covering Scouts with Special Needs
·         An enhanced and clearer guide to Eagle Advisors and Eagle Project Coaches (Attachment A)
·         Addition of information about the William T. Hornaday awards and Glen A. and Melinda Adams award
·         Expanded discussion on safety, in general, and Eagle Service Project safety
·         Discussion of appeals of Eagle Boards of Review
·         Clarification that the District Eagle Representative, when conducting the Pre-Verification Review, looks only at the Eagle Scout Rank Application (ESRA) and Internet Advancement Member Summary Report to ensure the ESRA is correct – review of other items like the Scout’s Statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose or Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook take place prior to and during the Eagle Scout Board of Review
·         Added explanation of Requests for Extension of the Time to Earn Eagle (Attachment E)
ESPG  is posted to the NCAC  website  in addition to the Seneca district website and announce this update in either the Capital Comments or Scouter’s Digest.
The Guide can be found here.