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Recharter Info

November 01, 2017

– Tiger and Lion Adult Partners will NOT be charged $6 liability insurance fee.
Rechartering (Annual Membership Audit) coming late Fall
Key current priorities:
– Units received their Internet Rechartering ACCESS CODE by email from BSA (to registered Key2).  KEEP THIS – you’ll need it.
– Turn in applications now – don’t wait until rechartering.
– Planned your budget?
       BSA membership fee increased by $9
       NCAC insurance fee increased by $5
       –> Total increase of $14 per registered person
– Youth Protection Update – everyone retake this fall?
Youth Protection Training (YPT) required every 2 years for all registered adults. Some will need to retake this fall. Takes about 30 min. online.
Effective Jan.1, the online course will increase to 60 minutes. Some may wish to retake this fall – current course will be valid for entire 2 years from date of completion.