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Council Venturing Officers’ Association

Thomas Howard – 2019-2020 Council VOA President


The mission of the National Capital Area Council Venturing Officers’ Association (NCAC-VOA) shall be to promote and support our Venturing program.

The vision of the NCAC-VOA is to be an active group that acts as the voice of NCAC Venturing. Being a unified Venturing presence and communicating to the districts, councils, areas, and regions will accomplish this.

The purpose of the NCAC-VOA shall be:

  1. To assist with the organization and promotion of, and provide leadership to council-sponsored activities.
  2. To organize and promote council communications to assist the local officers of the Venturing Crews within the National Capital Area Council.
  3. To promote activities and opportunities for Venturers at the National High Adventure Bases and other National or Regional programs and activities.
  4. To provide Venturers with a representative voice in the policies and programs of Venturing.
  5. To assist local crews, at their request, with promoting Venturing.
  6. To promote inter-council communications and activities in order to expand Venturing opportunities within the NCAC and the Northeast Region Area 6.

Venturers are invited to contribute news items, articles, and photographs of interest to Venturing for possible publication on our webpages and The Scouter Digest. Contact CVOA Advisors.

If you are looking for handouts and information to give at a recruitment event or night your Crew is putting on….click on the LINK and it will take you to an order form – the packets are FREE!!!  Make sure you have a few weeks before your event to ensure enough time for shipping from National.

For more information about the NCAC VOA, please contact:

Visit our  NCAC Venturing Officers’ Association Facebook Page


January 12, 2020 — CVOA Public Meeting.  Save the date.
February 29, 2020 — University of Scouting — Training for Venturers and Adults.  Info
March 21-22, 2020 — CVOA Lock-In.  Save the date.
April 24-26, 2020 — Northeast Region Area 6 VOA Phenomenom, Sinoquipe Scout Reservation Info