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Kodiak Challenge

Kodiak Challenge

Kodiak Training is an excellent tool for youth leaders in the program and is one of the newest trainings offered by the BSA. Please take some time to review some of the information on the site.  Kodiak is designed to be an adventure   that pushes the boundaries of every participant—one that will encourage you to take new challenges which may be outside of your comfort zone.  It is an experience—but one that has its underpinnings in the application of leadership skills learned in ILSC, ILST, NYLT, and/or NALYE.

Basic Information:

Kodiak and Kodiak X are the second and third phases of the Nature of Leadership Program (NOL). The first phase of NOL is the Introduction Leadership Skills Course (ILSC). ILSC covers four specific leadership skills and can be administered by a crew or council.

Phase two called Kodiak is a six day trek-oriented course providing five leadership skills called commissions. The commissions are presented on a trek over either one week or two weekends. Although Kodiak is required for Kodiak X, ILSC is not required for Kodiak although taking ILSC first is helpful and recommended.

Phase 3 is the weekend long Kodiak X which reinforces the skills learned in Kodiak. Kodiak Courses can be administered by crews or councils.

Even though Kodiak and Kodiak X are offered and managed by Venturing, the course may be offered to older Boy Scouts. ALL courses must follow the Kodiak and Kodiak X Training Syllabus and adhere to the basic course requirements.

Who teaches it? Older/more experience unit youth leaders. Some councils will offer a council-wide course to consolidate resources.

Who takes it? Unit youth that have taken ILSC (not required, recommended) and are ready for an additional leadership challenge.

What do they learn? Experience in values and vision, effective teams, communication, decision making, and planning.

When does it take place? Usually once per year, depending on the Crew or Council resources.

Training Code (for BSA records): P33

Basic Course Requirements

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