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Q. Who can apply for the NCAC Youth Leadership Society?

A. Any Boy Scout, Venturer, Sea Scout or Explorer who has met the requirements.

Q. Do I have to be a Venturer to earn the award?

A. Nope! But I mean, you could… we’d love to have you!

Q. Can I nominate myself for this award?

A. No. You need to be nominated by a unit, district, council or OA leader, but nothing says that the nomination must be secret. There’s no harm in working towards eligibility.

Q. I’m in the Order of the Arrow, why do I get less points for chapter or lodge roles? Does that mean you think they are worth less?

A. Not at all. In fact all of the adults and youth who worked on this project are proud Arrowmen! There’s actually two reasons for the point structure. Youth can join the OA theoretically as young as 11. Where youth must be 14 to join the other programs. The other reason is that quite often youth working in a chapter role might also work in a service area or lodge role. If you serve in two roles at the same time, each role could be counted twice. So we wanted to ensure that the qualifications were balanced so that everyone had a fair chance to attain this award.

Q. What positions do I have to serve in order to qualify for the YLS?

A. As long as it is an official leadership position at one of the listed levels, it qualifies. Quite often officers serve in ad-hoc roles, which would all count as long as meaningful leadership is given. If in doubt, feel free to email us at:

Q. How is this award similar or different to the old National Youth Leadership Society program?

A. Both awards required a combination of leadership service and training. As the national program was discontinued in 2016, we surveyed all the recipients from NCAC as to what worked and what we could tweak. We also spoke to several youth who were close to being eligible but were not able to complete their award in time to see where they had challenges. What we learned was that we needed to place a greater emphasis on the actual leadership service, and offer more options to complete the training requirements.

Q. Why does the key pin have 12 pips on it?

A. There’s one pip for each of the twelve points of the Scout Law.

Q. Is this true that the NCACYLS program was actually part of someone’s Wood Badge Ticket?

A. Actually that’s true! It was part of a ticket from a member of the Owl Patrol in class N6-82-16-2! (But a lot of the work to make it all happen was done by someone who used to be an Antelope.)

Q. Who can I contact with more questions?

A. Please contact the NCAC Venturing Committee at

Updated: 5/17