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Sea Scout Leadership Award

The National Capital Area Council awards the Sea Scout Leadership Awards are conducted in alignment with the Northeast Region Area 6 Sea Scout Leadership Award.   Nominations are due no later than March 1 of each year to the Council Commodore (volunteer) or Council Sea Scout Director (professional), OR 45 days prior to the Northeast Region Bridge of Honor, whichever date is deemed most appropriate by the Council Commodore.

Nominations use the National Form available at

The address for submitting the forms will be published no later than February 1 of each year or 75 days prior to the award date.

Minimum Qualifications as defined by the National Committee include:

  1. Be registered and involved as a Sea Scout or Sea Scouter for at least one year.
  2. Hold a registered leadership in good standing at the unit, district or council level.
  3. Show exceptional dedication and give outstanding leadership and service to Sea Scouting and Sea Scouts at the appropriate level for the award.

Council Requirements

  1. The number of Sea Scout Leadership awards are set by National. A minimum of 2 awards are permitted for a unit count of 10 chartered ships, with one additional award for each increment of five additional ships above 10.  (11 Ships would mean 3 awards, 16 would result in 4, etc.)
  2. No adults will be awarded the Sea Scout Leadership Award at the Council Level unless an equal or greater number of youth receive the same level award. This may be waived ONLY with the unanimous decision of the Commodore and Director.
  3. There is no requirement to award any Sea Scout Leadership Awards and no requirement to fill all available awards based on the Council’s available awards.

Evaluation Criteria as set by the Council:

This is a Council Level Leadership Award for Sea Scouts.  To quote the Guide to Advancement “something resembling the expected outcome must occur.”  It is expected that a nominee has provided leadership that impacts the Sea Scout Program at the Council level.  It recognizes outstanding performance above and beyond the unit level.  The following are not all-inclusive, nor does a nominee have to meet every item.  These are guidance as to what the council values and how applications would be reviewed.

  1. The nominee’s primary BSA registration is with a Sea Scout Ship. Tenures of at least 2 or more years are preferred.
  2. The nominee’s home Ship has achieved at least a silver level award under the Journey To Excellence program. Higher consideration will be given to nominees from units with Gold level recognition.
  3. The nominee’s home Ship must have at least 5 registered scouts and achieved growth of at least 1 scout or 20% over the previous year’s recharter membership.
  4. The nominee’s home Ship must have provided program leadership or significant support to another Scout unit in their home district. Examples include support to a Cub Scout Raingutter Regatta, or hosting an on-water event with a Scouts BSA troop where at least 5 scouts participated and were educated on the Sea Scout program.  These relationships and events should have the clear and direct potential to grow the Sea Scout program.
  5. The nominee should have shown primary Sea Scout leadership (a) at the Council level, (b) in a unit meeting the above criteria, or (c) for a significant event such as multi-unit Long Cruise, Safety @ Sea, etc.
  6. The nominee should be a regular attendee at Council Sea Scout Committee Meetings.
  7. The nominee should have supported at least 1 significant event for the Council Sea Scout program in the last 12 months. The event should have included participation from three or more ships from across the council or area.
  8. The nomination should include a photo of the nominee in a properly formed Official Sea Scout uniform. Legacy uniforms will be considered but weighted consideration will be given to the current uniform design.
  9. The nominee has completed SSALBT and Sea Badge.
  10. The nominee has received the Skippers’ Key, Scouter’s and/or Scouter’s Training award.

The unit is encouraged to consider the following supporting awards which recognize unit-level or district-level leadership:

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee will consist of at least:

No current nominee may sit on the SSLA Selection Committee.  Other members may be appointed at the discretion and agreement of the Commodore and Director.  A minimum of one registered adult is required to review the awards.