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Quarterdeck and Committee

About Quarterdeck and Committee.

A Quarterdeck on a ship is a raised deck behind the main mast of a sailing ship.  Traditionally it was where the captain commanded his vessel and where the ship’s colors were kept.  In Sea Scouts, it represents the scout leadership of a Sea Scout Ship (unit).

NCAC Sea Scouts conducts a Quarterdeck and Committee is a two-part meeting with the scouts meeting at 7pm.  During that period, the Boatswains and Boatswains Mates will lay out upcoming program and planning.  After Quarterdeck, the Boatswain briefs the Adult Committee.


All Boatswains from NCAC and affiliated councils are encouraged to attend the NCAC Quarterdeck (Youth Leadership Meeting) on the third Thursday of each month.  Sea Scouts is a Scout-led program.  The Boatswain sets the program and planning.  Because of size and support needs, the NCAC Quarterdeck is open to all Area 6 Sea Scouts as ex-officio members.

Committee (Wardroom)

The Adult Committee is the Roundtable for Sea Scouts.  During this time the Boatswain briefs the Skippers, Committee Chairs or other members of the Ships’ adult leadership can discuss issues relating to the administration of the program.