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Join Sea Scouts

Do you love the water?  Do you dream of sailing the Caribbean, paddling the boundary waters, swimming amongst the activity in a coral reef, sailing the open waters, racing a small sailboat, wakeboarding behind a 235hp jet boat?  Do you think about a career in marine biology, driving a cruise ship, saving lives with the Coast Guard, or working in the multi-billion dollar maritime shipping industry?   Then Sea Scouts is for you!

There are three easy steps.  And you may be surprised – Sea Scouting is often less expensive than other Scouting programs.  This is a high-speed, high-adventure program for the 21st Century.

1. Find a Ship

2. Get your gear

Sea Scout uniforms are available online.  Five easy parts to looking like a sailor.

  1. Uniform Shirt (Pick one) Source: SG Trading Post.  Your unit can help you with the Council and Unit patches.  These shirts come pre-sewn with the key patches.
  2. Uniform Pants – Source: Amazon  (We recommend Amazon because of the return policy.  Select “Dark Navy” to match your shirt.)
  3. Belt –
  4. Cap –  SG Trading Post Sea Scout Shop
  5. Neckerchief or Tarflap Source: (Pick one)  Please note that neckerchiefs are for adults and youth, tarflaps are ONLY for youth.  Consult your ship BEFORE you buy as the youth selection is at the discretion of the local Ship.

Now put it all together! Uniform “Assembly”

A few notes on uniforms.

3. Go have fun!

To quote a famous yacht company – “The world is your oyster” – and who knows what pearls you’ll find!