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Sea Scouts

What are Sea Scouts?

Since 1912, Sea Scouts have sailed the high seas in search of adventure, while providing assistance to fellow boaters in need.  Whether it’s racing FJ sailboats in the Koch Cup or sailing the SSTV Der Pelikan across the open water – anything is possible in Sea Scouts. img_2180


kilo Squadron Youth Planning Session, December 2
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red-pin-hi Interested in visiting or joining a Ship? We have plenty to choose from.
View the list of NCAC Sea Scout Ships.

seascoutsThe mission of the Sea Scout Squadron is to develop, maintain, and promote the Sea Scout program in a manner which will emphasize the purposes and achieve the objectives of the Boy Scouts of America.

National Capital Area Council is part of the Chesapeake Flotilla, which consists of all Ship and Squadron adult and youth leaders in NCAC, Baltimore Council, and Ships who have vessels in the Chesapeake Bay. Other Flotilla Sea Scout Wardrooms within the Northeast Region chesapeakeflotillaclearare: Delaware Valley (Pa, Del, So.NJ), Liberty (Great NY, No. NJ) and New England.

Check the links to the NE Region Sea Scouting and National Sea Scouting web sites,
or the Chesapeake Flotilla Social Media site to get the full details on the program events and calendar.

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