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Sea Scouts

Travel the Greatest Wilderness on Earth.

Do you dream of sailing the Caribbean?  Traveling the canals of Venice? Spending the weekend racing FJ sailboats, always on the edge of a spectacular ending?  Do you imagine a scout unit with their own jet boat?  Then you’re ready to be a Sea Scout!

And the surprising part is – it’s remarkably affordable!  So explore the website and contact us when you’re ready to add a pair of good boat shoes to go next to those hiking boots.  (But keep the boots…  You’ll need them on Dead Chest Island!)


kilo Squadron Dinner, January 27, 2018
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kilo Winter Training – VEGAS!  March 2-4, 2018
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kilo 2018 SEAL Applications
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red-pin-hi Interested in visiting or joining a Ship? We have plenty to choose from.
View the list of NCAC Sea Scout Ships.

seascoutsThe mission of the Sea Scout Squadron is to develop, maintain, and promote the Sea Scout program in a manner which will emphasize the purposes and achieve the objectives of the Boy Scouts of America.

National Capital Area Council is part of the Chesapeake Flotilla, which consists of all Ship and Squadron adult and youth leaders in NCAC, Baltimore Council, and Ships who have vessels in the Chesapeake Bay. Other Flotilla Sea Scout Wardrooms within the Northeast Region are: Delaware Valley (Pa, Del, So.NJ), Liberty (Great NY, No. NJ) and New England.

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