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New Arrowmen

Welcome New Arrowmen

He who follows such a pathway in unwavering cheerful service will be seen by many others and, by inspiration, lead them. – Allowat Sakima

Congratulations for joining the best and one of the biggest lodges in the nation and welcome to the Order of the Arrow! Now that you are a member of the Amangamek-Wipit Lodge and the Order of the Arrow, there are many ways to get involved. The easiest thing to do is to attend the major lodge events which include an annual Lodge banquet, two lodge fellowships, and a lodge leadership development conference. Unlike the challenges you faced in your Ordeal, the lodge events are great opportunities to have fun, get to know your fellow Arrowmen, learn new leadership skills and provide service to the National Capital Area Council camps.

Another way to become involved is through your chapter. The chapters are separated by district. Each chapter holds chapter meetings where the chapter chiefs plan chapter events. In our lodge, chapters plan and run Ordeals, run OA elections, do camp promotions, provide service to the units and the district, and hold chapter fellowships. Do not be afraid to get involved with your chapter. Each chapter offers fellowship, leadership, service and ceremonial opportunities.

New Arrowmen are highly encouraged to visit Jumpstart. Jumpstart is a program that was developed by the national OA website to help Arrowmen understand a little bit of the OA’s history, learn more about the Ordeal experience, and discover how to seal their membership in the Brotherhood. Visit Jumpstart by clicking the link below:

Here are some additional links that you may want to explore to find out more about the Order of the Arrow:  National OA website  Northeast Region  Section NE-6A   National OA Trading Post  OA High Adventure