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Membership Dues & Transfers

Membership Dues & Transfers

It’s time to renew your Lodge Membership!

To be a member of Amangamek-Wipit Lodge and the Order of the Arrow, you must be a registered Scout or Scouter and pay lodge dues of $16 annually. Take advantage of a $2 discount if you pay by March 31, 2019.  Membership ensures your invitation to all chapter/lodge events and includes a subscription to the quarterly Lodge Shark’s Tooth newsletter, which will be imprinted with your OA ID number and BSA ID number.

Your 2019 dues can be paid online at

Membership Transfers and Membership Reactivation

New transfers from other lodges and all former Amangamek-Wipit members that wish to “re-activate” their membership must complete the Membership and Dues Form below and mail it along with their dues payment to the Marriott Scout Service Center. The information requested on the membership form must be completed in order for the lodge to activate the former member record or create a transfer membership record. The form consists of two sections: Individual Member Request and General Information. The later breaks down into personal and induction.

It is critical that the responses to personal information be completed as thoroughly as possible. Not doing so will only delay processing and possibility prevents the re-activation or transfer from being approved.

Personal information fields that must be provided are:

Induction information fields that must be provided are:

Once the membership re-activation or transfer is complete a current year membership card will be mailed from the lodge. This membership card will include the OALM ID assigned and the Order of the Arrow Honor History (i.e. induction dates and for vigil honor members the Indian name and English translation if provided).

Membership Transfer Form_2018

Last Updated 4/46/2018