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Attention Chapter Chiefs & Chapter Advisers

The Lodge Finance Team would like you to have the most recent/up-to-date/current version of the Lodge’s “Event Budget Planning and Report Workbook” as you prepare for your ordeals.

The current revision of the 2018 Event Budget Planning and Report Workbook is Rev. 01/01/18, it is important to use this workbook going forward as future enhancements will be coordinated around it.

Prior versions of the Event Budget Planning and Report Workbook will be REJECTED by the Lodge Vice Chief of Finance and Membership and the Finance Team.

Some of the more notable enhancements you may encounter as you prepare your ordeal budget are as follows:

1)      Liability Recovery has been removed due to the Council’s new policy of insurance fees paid at Rechartering.

2)      Updated to reflect the changes in Chapters in 2017.

If you approach this document having your data ready: estimated number of participants, the cost of meals and a list of any additional anticipated expenditures, you should be able to handily complete the Budget portion of the Event Budget Planning and Report Workbook: the “Estimated Budget” and “Consignment” worksheets.

Instructions for all worksheets are on the right side of each worksheet and are easily displayed on a widescreen monitor.

Once you have completed the Budget portion of the Event Budget Planning and Report Workbook and have the appropriate “electronic sign-off”: Chapter Chief or his designee (Ordeal Event Chairman), Chapter Adviser or their designee (Event Adviser/Chapter Finance Adviser) and Chapter Staff Adviser/DE, the Event Budget Planning and Report Workbook needs to be emailed to: for review and approval.

When the budget is approved by the Finance Team, you will receive a final copy of your budget and the “Website Setup Form”. You would then complete the Website Setup Form and submit to the Lodge Communications Committee at The Lodge Finance Team will forward the consignment form to the Lodge Trading Post.

Chapter Annual Budgets are now due. If you have not submitted an annual budget, please submit to your area chief ASAP. Your area chief will review and approve your chapter’s annual budget.

The Area Chief is to forward the approved annual chapter budget to the Lodge Vice-Chief of Finance and Membership for review.  The Lodge Vice-Chief of Finance and Membership will forward each chapter’s annual budget to the Finance Team.  The Finance Team will monitor chapter revenue and expenditures comparing to each chapters’ annual budget.

Below are the “Annual Chapter Budget Form” and a sample that you may use (but not required to use) to prepare and submit to your area chief.

All correspondence regarding annual chapter budgets will be sent to the chapter chief’s and chapter adviser’s “” email account.  Please verify with the membership team that your email information is current for your Chapter Chief and Adviser to receive your chapter’s financial data from the Lodge Finance Team.

These three forms are maintained and updated by the Lodge Finance Team:

Event Budget Planning and Report Workbook

Lodge Reimbursement Form

Annual Chapter Budget Form

If you have any questions completing these forms, find an error or have a recommendation, please submit to



2018 Event Budget Planning Report Workbook v180601

2018 Annual-Chapter-Budget-Form

2018 Annual-Chapter-Budget-Sample

2018 Annual-Chapter-Budget-Sample