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Camp Promotions

Camp Promotions Opportunities

One of the important roles of the OA at the lodge and chapter levels is to promote camping with the units in our districts.  Many of our chapters do a camping promotions presentation when they conduct elections.  As you put together your annual calendar and budget, consider other ways to reach out to the units and families:


Camp Promotion Talking Points

Goshen Video 2016 (Dan Glass)

Cool Camp: Goshen Scout Reservation (Scouting Magazine)

Camp Promotions Talking Points (Word Doc)

You may or may not be given time to speak. If you are given time to speak, here’s an outline of talking points, if you want to use it. If they only give you a few minutes to talk, you may have to truncate it. If you do, briefly go over the 6 camps and then highlight what’s new (Provisional Camp at Marriott, the new program coming to Gray’s Lodge, the new dining hall at Olmsted), where to get more information, and when information will be available on registration.

Step 1: Introduce Yourself

Step 2: Survey the group (briefly)

Step 3: Basic introduction of Goshen

(While you’re talking about this, drop in some things to tie back to/address reasons why they would go somewhere else).

Step 4: Call to Action


Where to Go Camping Guide

As a society of Honor Campers, one of the Order of the Arrow’s first obligations is to serve as a resource to the units of our communities. In partnership with the National Capital Area Council, the Amangamek-Wipit Lodge of the Order of the Arrow has worked to develop this resource.

The purpose of this guide is to provide the youth and adult leadership of this Council the resources they need to make an informed decision about camping in our area. With campgrounds highlighted in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the Virgin Islands, there is a diverse range of handpicked sites meant for you to get the most out of your camping experience. The sites range from primitive to advanced and include a wide variety of environments for camping.

In addition to information on camping locations, we have also included various planning and informational materials to facilitate leadership growth. With tools ranging from camping safety outlines to campfire agendas, we hope to provide a comprehensive and complete tool for you to use in planning your next outing. These resources are meant to be flexible in enabling proper planning, and we invite you to use them as you see fit.

This guide will be regularly updated to give you the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. We welcome any feedback you may have and invite you to send any comments to

Additionally, if you feel that there is something that should be included, we invite you to fill out the form at Your feedback is critical to the success of this guide and our mission to provide you an accurate resource.

The following document lists the BALOO sites that have bee approved for Pack overnighters in Maryland and Virginia.


BALOO Approved Camping Sites for Cub Scout Packs

Pack overnighters are Pack-organized overnight camping activities involving
more than one family from your Pack, with the program focused on age appropriate
Cub Scout activities and conducted at a Council Approved Pack
Camping Location (BALOO site).