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How Can The District Support Exploring

Each District should have a dedicated Exploring Chair, who reports to the District Chair. This Exploring Chair is a member of the council Exploring and Learning for Life Committee. Each district is responsible for the Exploring Posts and Clubs within their districts, and should actively start new units, and recruit and engage youth. To join the council Exploring committee, contact Dave Nagel, Vice President of Membership for the council. To become an Exploring Chair for your district, contact your District Chair.

On the council level, we have a  Vice President for Learning for Life and Exploring, reporting to the Council President. Under the VP for Exploring there is a Program Chair, Marketing/Membership Chair, Fundraising Chair and Service Team Chair.

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Each District should have an Exploring Committee Chair (or Vice Chair of Exploring or Exploring Chair), a Service Team Chair (sometimes fulfilled by the District Commissioner, or his/her designee), and an Exploring Executive, fulfilled by the District Executive.

Reporting to the Exploring Chair should be someone responsible for fundraising (similar to the Vice Chair of Finance in the district), someone responsible for program (similar to the Vice Chair of Program in the district) and someone responsible for marketing and membership (similar to the Vice Chair of Membership in the district). Reporting to the Service Team Chair are Service Team Members, similar to Commissioners for traditional units. It is preferred that these Service Team Members be independent of commissioners, and be solely focussed on Exploring units.

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Responsibilities of the District Chair: Recruit an Exploring Chair for the district, and ensure the Membership Committee is working to start new Posts and Clubs, and recruiting youth for the same.

Responsibilities of the District Commissioner: Oversee the Service Team members for the District that work to ensure the stable health of the Posts and Clubs, just as is done with traditional Commissioner service. For information on how the Commissioner Corps can support Exploring, contact Jeff Schweiger, Assistant Council Commissioner for Exploring and Learning for Life.