Recharter and Unit Management Resources


The 2021 Recharter documents are available online.

Member Transfer Process

Moving members from unit to unit (example: moving up from a Pack to a Troop) should follow the following processes.


This requires person managing the transfer to be in the unit the scout/scouter is currently in.  

    • From the organization manager and then 
    • the roster > select the member 
    • and in the menu bar above the roster “transfer” will light up / become active
    • then select transfer.. 
    • Then follow the instructions.

The application manager at the NEW unit completes the transfer.  (Click to enlarge image.)


Enter zip code and select program.  Click “Find and Apply”.

Identify and select unit.  Click “Apply Now”.

Select “Youth” or “Adult”.

The system will return a warning that “you already have an active registration”.  Select “Transfer”.

From this step, follow the system instructions.