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Position Name Phone E-Mail
District Chairman Michael Dudzik (703) 413-5781;
District Vice-Chairman John Ongman (703) 759-7761;
District Nominating Committee Chairman Michael Meese (703) 707-4602;
Nominating Committee Member J.P. Morgan (703) 471-1692;
Nominating Committee Member Fred Rubin (703) 244-7219;
Nominating Committee Member George Sheflett (301) 435-4659;
Nominating Committee Member Juris Kelley 571-581-4762;
Nominating Committee Member Gregg Schwarz (703) 777-5880;
Nominating Committee Member
Nominating Committee Member Bill Stringham (703) 727-3001;
District Vice Chairman Administration Inge Gedo (703) 815-6618;
District Chairman Finance Sheridan Kramer (703) 430-1040
Family F.O.S. Chairman
Community FOS Chairman
Special Event Chairman Craig Kendall (703) 435-2777
Popcorn Chairman Justine Podolny (703) 303-2427
Endowment Chairman
District Chair Membership Inge Gedo (703) 815-6618;
Membership  DeputyChairman
Join Scouting Night Coordinator
New Unit Coordinator  
Spring Recruitment Coordinator
Exploring/LFL Coordinator
Fall Recruitment Coordinator
WEBELOS to Boy Scouts Transition Coordinator Mark Longworth;
School Outreach Coordinator
Community Organizations Coordinator
Scouting for Youth with Disabilities Coordinator VACANT;
Lion Program Coordinator Inge Gedo (703) 815-6618;
District Vice-Chairman of Programs Bart Gray
Activities and Service Program Chairman
Camporee Coordinator John Colwell (703) 391-7147;
WEBELOS-ree Coordinator Tom Scott (703) 481-7296
Asst. WEBELOS-ree Coordinator Mark Renne
Pinewood Derby Coordinator Christopher Takacs (703) 476-7195;
Chess Tournament Coordinator Roger Claff (703) 435-4686;
Pack Summertime Activities Coordinator
District Triathlon Coordinator
Scouting For Food Coordinator Chris Gohrband (703) 392-0966;
Venturing Officers Association Advisor
Venturing Officers Association President
Shooting Sports Representative Ken Feng (703) 421-3148;
Advancement Program Chairman Frank Smith (703) 430-6804;
Advancement  Program Co-Chairman Steve Housely (703) 471-8548;
Eagle Scout Coordinator Frank Smith (703) 430-6804;
Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator
Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator Ruth Holt;
Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator Paul Reinke;
District Recognitions Coordinator Gregg Schwarz (703) 777-5880;
District STEM Coordinator
District Recognition Dinner Coordinator Chris Noyes (202) 624-7085;
District Dinner Awards Coordinator Chris Gohrband (703) 392-0966;
Special Needs Coordinator Neil Bonner;;
Religious Emblems Coordinator Billy Jensen 253-348-0020
Camping Program Chairman John O’Connell (571) 289-7415;
District Day Camp Program Manager Chrys Quinlan (703) 477-3266
District Day Camp Director Ed Fitzpatrick (484) 888-9563
Health and Safety Chairman Nancy Bentley (703) 435-1038;
Cub Scout Camping Coordinator
Boy Scout Camping Coordinator
High Adventure Coordinator Craig Dubishar (703) 850-1751;
Outdoor Ethics Coordinator Sara Holtz (703) 901-0603;
Order of the Arrow Advisor Chris Noyes (202) 624-7085;
OA Chapter Chief (Youth) Carter Allain;;
Training Program Chairman Bruce Brown 571-215-3783
Cub Scout Training Coordinator Roger Claff (703) 435-4686;
Boy Scout Training Coordinator Gregg Schwarz (703) 777-5880;
Varsity Training Coordinator Adrian Morgan (703) 406-8816;
Venturing Training Coordinator
Woodbadge Coordinator Nancy Jensen;
Marketing Program Chairman (571) 969-4486;
Commications Director
Webmaster Steve Toole (703) 467-3010;
Venturing Program Chairman Jim Emery (703) 787-6674;
Varsity Program Chairman Adrian Morgan (703) 406-8816;
Learning for Life Program Chairman
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