What’s New?

The ideals of Scouting not changed over the past hundred years, but the program itself changes periodically to meet the demands of  life in the 21st century.  Which changes will affect your unit?  What actions must your take?  Visit this page regularly to find out what is new and noteworthy in Scouting!

January 2019

Scoutbook Online System – Now Free!

In an effort to drive program consistency and deeper engagement with our youth and leaders, Boy Scouts of America is pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2019, Scoutbook subscriptions will be free to all BSA units. [ Read More ]

December 2018

Welcoming Girls to BSA – Update

With the launch of Family Scouting in February, new troops are forming and plans are being made to welcome girls in the the Scouts BSA program.  Check out this blog post for the BSA-recommended ways to discuss and promote this new program.  Read More…

Online Training Being Updated

Position-specific training courses for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts (Scouts BSA) are being updated  and will be available January 2, 2019.  Progress on any online courses you are currently taking will not carry over to the new learning plan!  Be sure to complete any courses in-progress before December 31, 2018.

October 2018 – Help Older Girls Earn Eagle

For our soon-to-be female scouts, BSA developed a policy that will allow older girls entering scouts between 2/1/2019 and 12/31/2019 to request a 24-month extension on earning the rank of Eagle.  There are some limitations, so be sure to review the actual guidance.  [ Details ]

August 2018 – What to Do When a Girl Wants to Join an All-Boy Pack

As fall recruiting ramps up in the coming weeks, one question that your team may be confronted with is: What happens when a girl comes to a “Join Scouting” night at her school and the school has chosen to charter an all-boy pack? Click here for more.

March 2018 – Youth Protection

With the upcoming launch of Family Scouting program, and as part of the continuing effort to assure the safety of Scouts, BSA has made some changes to our Youth Protection requirements. Adults participating in an event lasting more than 72 hours will now need to be registered with BSA.  In addition, all adults will need to take the all new online Youth Protection Training in anticipation of the Family Scouting Launch. For more information about youth protection, or tot take the new Youth Protection course, visit BSA’s Youth Protection page.  Need a membership application?  Find one here.

February 2018 – Lions Program Goes Live

On the heels of a successful pilot that introduced new families to Scouting and raised retention rates, Lions, the BSA’s Cub Scout program for kindergarten aged youth will become an official part of Cub Scouting this year.  Read Bryan Wendell’s blog post about this new program and how it might effect your Cub Scout Pack.

January 2018 – Family Scouting

The soft launch of Family Scouting kicks off this month and a select group of cub scout packs, across the country, are helping BSA test out this new program.  The full launch comes in September when all units have an opportunity to welcome girls to their ranks!  Want to get ready?  Check out available resources on BSA’s Family Scouting Page.