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Outdoor Escape Room Design Contest

August 27, 2019

Calling all patrols! Do you want to get a head start on earning points toward winning the Powhatan Cup at this year’s Camporee (October 4-6)?

Here is your chance. Just create and submit your own outdoor escape room design idea for consideration for one of the 20 minute stations to be a part of the Escape Room Challenge. [ Deadline: August 31 2019 ]

Here is how to enter:

  1. Start by thinking about Scout & life skills and you will need survive.
  2. Head to to learn how to create an escape room step by step
  3. Use what you learned from Steps 1 & 2 to craft an Escape-Room for other Scout patrols to escape from in 20 minutes, including all the supplies participants will need (you will need 4 sets of supplies as up to 4 Patrols will
    be escaping at once).
  4. If they are trapped in a defined space think about having a tarp or pop-up fly to help define the space. “Rooms” can also be scenarios like trapped in a canyon or someone is “injured”.
  5. Any maps, compasses, decoders, ropes, first aid supplies, clues, etc. they will need to complete the challenge must be provided by your patrol. Your patrol must provide all the supplies, so make them reusable where possible.Determine the point values for each of the challenges in the escape room. The maximum number of points per room is 5,000. There must be at least two challenges in each room (no more than 5 depending on difficulty).Patrols should have a chance to be able to complete all challenges in the 20 minutes of escape time.
  6. Recruit 2-3 ASM/Adult volunteers (with YPT) to act as judges for the room at the Escape-O-Ree. They will know the rules of the room and can confer on questions/rulings. They will also award the up to 5,000 points per patrol
    for reaching check points in the “room” to participating patrols.
  7. Submit a written description of your Escape Room to the email below and include a link to a 2 minute video your pitching your room idea to no later than August 31st, 2019. Be sure to
    include troop number, patrol name, names of patrol members, and the names of the ASMs/Adults who will be your judges.

Please note:

  1. Selected Escape Rooms will earn the patrol 10,000 Escape-O-Ree Points for the competition (5,000 for the
    design & 5,000 for the solution) since the patrol will not be eligible to earn additional points for completing their
    own station.
  2. 2,000 extra points may be awarded for particularly clever or scout spirit/skills oriented room designs. Remember
    you will need to have 4 copies of the room to run at once, so think about costs before you commit to doing a
    complex room.

Sample Escape Room
An “Escape Room” might be a series of challenges called “The Team Work Trap” (20 minutes):

  1. The patrol, once gathered, is asked to stand on a blue tarp and is handed a clue and told they can’t step off the tarp.
  2. The first clue is handed to the patrol leader (or acting patrol leader): ”The next clue is below. So together you’ll go. When top is the bottom, the next clue you got‘em”.
  3. The patrol then must flip the tarp without anyone getting off the tarp. 3,000 points are awarded when the tarp is successfully flipped and they are handed the next clue.
  4. The next clue is “Only one of among you can get the next clue. When you’ve elected the answer, have them whisper what and not who.”
  5. When they come up with the answer “Patrol Leader” and send just the patrol leader to whisper the answer “Patrol Leader” (they can temporarily elect one person), they are awarded 1,000 pts.
  6. Hand them paper/pencil and the final clue. The clue is: It’s time to do your duty. So like a meal, make it real. It’s time to get cooking, Show us who and what just by looking.”
  7. The patrol must put together a menu and duty roster for a meal – 500 points for a duty roster for who is cooking & what, 500 more for a duty roster that includes a clean-up crew.
  8. If a patrol was getting close to a solution on clue the patrol didn’t complete, judges will award partial points.

The Escape-O-Ree is being held at Lake Fairfax in Reston, VA on October 4-6. Plan for your station to be run outside, rain or shine.

Send your Escape Room designs by midnight on Thursday, August 31st (11:59:59 PM on 8/31) to the Camporee/Webelos-ree Committee at Be sure to include troop number, patrol name, names of patrol members, and the names of the ASMs/Adults who will be your judges.

Good luck to all participants!!!