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Camp Snyder Service Days

September 13, 2018

If you have an hour or two to spare, come on out for some of the most satisfying fun a Scouter can have. We get together each month for projects to keep Camp Snyder, our local outdoor facility, in great shape and ready for visits by Powhatan and other area Scouts.

Dates:  Sep 16 2018,
Oct 21 2018,
Nov 18 2018
Where:  Camp William B Snyder
6100 Antioch Road, Haymarket, VA, 20169

If you know someone who is handy, bring ‘em with you. But heck, if you have two bad knees, or one arm in a sling and the other with an IV in it, and all you can do is sit in the shade and offer moral support, well, we can also use some good conversation, and someone to say, “You missed a spot!”

Service Projects for Scouts:  PLEASE LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE SO WE HAVE APPROPRIATE PROJECTS LINED UP.  Just email Dan Kurtenbach at or call 703-802-0613 with your unit number, how many youth and adults will be doing the service project, age ranges of youth, and good contact information (including a mobile phone number for an adult who will be there for the project).  We can also arrange for unit projects on some other weekends, including Saturdays.

Maintenance Raids:  In addition to regular monthly Camp Snyder Service Days, we will be holding short-notice “Maintenance Raids” on a Friday or Saturday to attack specific projects such as tent platforms.  Be on the lookout for email notices about Maintenance Raids!

Projects:  We have a variety of tasks and projects we need help with, depending on weather, number of available workers, and priorities.

  • CHAINSAWS:  If you are a certified Chainsaw Operator (you know who you are), priority areas are downed trees and limbs in campsites, campsite access trails, and areas immediately surrounding campsites.
  • PORCH REPAIRS:  Temporary safety repairs to the porch on the Campmaster Cabin.
  • ASSESS CONDITION OF CAMPGROUND AREA:  We’ll be walking all of the campsites and adjacent areas to survey needed repairs (tent platforms, picnic tables, signage, propane tank enclosures, erosion, downed trees, etc.), replacements, and potential improvements (raised walkways, firewood storage, campsite benches, permanent fire rings designed for cooking, etc.).  We’ll work the repairs list over the fall, winter, and spring.
  • BENCHES:  Benches for the covered porch area of the Hylton Training Center.


Coming to a Service Day:

  • INDIVIDUALS:  No advance notice needed – come when you can during the arrival window (see below).
  • UNITS AND OTHER GROUPS:  Contact me a couple of days before (see note above).
  • ARRIVAL WINDOW:  Chainsaw operators – arrive whenever you can, the earlier the better.  Everyone else: 10:00 AM TO 1:00 PM.  Come any time during the arrival window and someone will be there, and if you arrive at 12:59 PM, we’ll have at least an hour’s work for you.  If you’d like to come earlier or later, please call before you leave home to see if someone will be at camp.
  • FIND US:  Call me at 703-802-0613 or Dave Schneeman at 571-226-0753 when you arrive.


Rules for Volunteer Service Days and Maintenance Raids:

  • Safety first!
  • Come when you can (within the designated time window)!
  • Don’t plan to spend the whole time (unless you love this stuff).  We all have plenty of things to do on the weekend! Leave while it is still fun and before you get in trouble with your significant other.
  • Enjoy using your time and skills to benefit kids.
  • Enjoy the company of other great Scouters.
  • Sign in so we can track participation and so we know who to thank.

Thanks all, and thanks to the Camp Snyder staff, especially to the late beloved Camp Director and friend, Michael Snowden, who will be greatly missed. Please see the schedule of Volunteer Service Days below. SPREAD THE WORD!