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Popcorn Fundraiser

September 03, 2018

The Trail’s End Popcorn Program helps units raise money and provides funding for special activities/treks offered by our local Scout Council, NCAC.

This fundraiser is great for all Scouts, and camp scholarships are offered to those needing financial assistance.

Show-N-Sell Opportunities

The Powhatan District has a few pre-authorized sites and dates (Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays) available for units who wish to do storefront and event show-n-sells.  The sites are productive and have high foot traffic.  For higher visibility, you can check out one of our super-good-looking vinyl banners!

Sites are located throughout the district and are available through mid-November.  For more information and scheduling, please contact Powhatan District’s own Popcorn Kernel, Justine Podolny, by emailing

Key Dates and Information

September Orders due by 8/31/18, pickup 9/15/18
October Orders due by 10/5/18, pickup 10/20/18
November Orders due by 11/02/18, pickup 11/17/18

Payments, Prize Orders, Scholarship Forms due 12/10/18.

Pickup Location

Cargo Transport
44190 Mercure Circle
Dulles, VA  20166