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Popcorn Fundraiser

September 03, 2018

The Trail’s End Popcorn Program helps units raise money and provides funding for special activities/treks offered by our local Scout Council, NCAC.

This fundraiser is great for all Scouts, and camp scholarships are offered to those needing financial assistance.

What’s New in 2019?

  • Max Commission of 35% Base commission for 2019 Popcorn Program increased to 31%. Units can earn bonuses to their commission for attending an orientation over the summer (schedule on reverse) and growing their sale over 2018.
  • Scout Rewards program to help incentivize your Scouts NCAC and Trail’s End are partnering to provide our Scouts an opportunity to earn a prize of their choice. Scouts can set their sales strategy to earn an Amazon gift card that can be used to the purchase of their own recognition item. Top Seller patches, $750 bonus prize, Scholarship Program and the Free Camp Incentive are all returning for the 2019 Program.
  • New Trail’s End website and mobile app Trail’s End has spent the last year developing and piloting a mobile app that will support the sale in 4 ways. 1. Point of Sale (no need for order forms) 2. Storefront Scheduling 3. Sales Tracking in real time 4. Payment collection through Square with 0% fees.
  • Online sales will count toward Prize Program and will include FREE SHIPPING Nation-wide. Setting up your Scouts online account allows them to sell Trails End popcorn across the community and country with Free Shipping! All transactions through the online sale in 2019 will count towards the scout’s sales goal.

    Why participate in the Program in 2019?

  • Simple to Run & Minimal Risk Trail’s End Popcorn has been a trusted fundraising program for over 30 years. A turn-key program, with no up-front money required. Units receive Council and District support throughout the sale and beyond. Units can return up to 10% of product, reducing the risk of being “stuck” with popcorn. New Units in 2019 have ZERO financial risk.
  • Participating in the Popcorn Program can provide advancement opportunities and learn valuable skills. There are requirements in at least 13 Merit Badges that can be completed through the Popcorn Program. For example, Eagle-required badges like Personal Management and Communication have requirements that can use the sale as well as Public Speaking. The Salesmanship Merit Badge can be completed using the Popcorn Program. For example #5a: “Help your unit raise funds through sales of merchandise or of tickets to a Scout event.” Or #3: Write and present a sales plan for a product or service and a sales territory assigned by your counselor. American Business Merit Badge requirement #5: “Run a small business involving a product or service for at least three months. First find out the need for it. … Keep records showing the costs, income, and profit or loss.”
  • Earn Money for College Once entered into the Trail’s End Scholarship program*, a Scout can continue to earn 6% of his Popcorn Sales every year he sells. The more they sell, the more they’ll have for college. (*Sell 2,500+ in one year to be enrolled)
  • No upfront costs and commission incentive to try the sale. Units can order product up front and through their District Popcorn Rep or Executive develop a sales strategy to include Storefront sales, Wagon Sales, Take Order Sales, and Online Sales. Payment on product sold is due in December at the completion of the program. New units can earn an estimated $700 on the $1,000 sold to try the 2019 Popcorn Program and how beneficial and successful your unit can become.

Want more information about the Popcorn program? Please contact Powhatan District’s own Popcorn Kernel, Justine Podolny, by emailing

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